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DSSI training prices

Beginner - 21 days



One-time payment.

Immerse yourself in an immersive 21-day experience to discover the Interpretation of Dreams, Signs and Symbols.

  • 21-day course
  • Book Dream and Symbol Volume 1
  • 1 Zoom meeting with a UCM professor (optional)
  • 1 DSSI course
  • Symbolic Intelligence Conference by Kasara
  • Conference The true story of our nightmares by Anthony
  • 1 Yoga class “The 4 elements” by Alexis and Emeline
  • 1 Conference Understanding Angels
  • 2 Guided Meditations by Christiane Muller
  • 2 Angelica Mantra at Kasara
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Intermediate - 3 months

3 Months of Dream

from 189$/month

Or 567 per 3 month session.

Access exclusive courses, inspiring videos, and personalized analyses. Choose between the “3MR Videos” or “3MR Experience” program for tailor-made support.

3MR Videos
  • 6 lectures
  • 6 episodes of Understanding your Dreams
  • The most common dreams Edition #1 – By Anthony Di Benedetto
  • The Most Common Dreams Edition #2 – By Anthony Di Benedetto
  • The Most Common Dreams Edition #3 – By Anthony Di Benedetto
  • Premonition – By Kasara Di Benedetto
3MR Experience

Includes the entire 3MR video program as well as:

  • Custom portal
  • 1 hour zoom with a UCM professor
  • 2 dreams per month analyzed in depth
  • 1 copy Dictionary Source Code
  • Certificate of participation in 3MR
  • 20% reduction for students (on presentation of student card)
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Advanced - 1 year



Or 4200 per year.

Learn more about the DSSI through a complete and interactive program, including an assigned teacher who will accompany you throughout the year, every week.

Support & accompaniment
  • 1 UCM professor assigned
  • Custom portal
  • 2 Zoom meetings with your teacher
Training content
  • Complete 12-month course
  • Dream journal analyzed weekly
  • 15 Practical work
  • 20+ episodes of Understanding Your Dreams by Kaya
  • 15 DSSI lecture courses
  • 15 analyzes of practical work
  • Lifetime access to your dream courses and revisions and practical work
Online DSSI internships
  • 4 courses of 4 days
  • 4 practical workshops in pairs with another DSSI student
Assessments and Certificate
  • Knowledge Assessments
  • Certificate Diploma in 3rd year

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Interpretation of Dreams, Signs & Symbols

Formation DSSI

International reference training to acquire mastery and deep understanding of dreams and their meanings.
Live a transformative experience

3 reasons to follow this course

#1 – Give yourself the credibility of an unforgettable course.

For more than 10 years, DSSI Dream Interpretation training has helped thousands of people wishing to deepen their understanding of themselves and life in general.

#2 – For yourself or as a therapist

Whether for your personal well-being, or to complement your profession, this training will give you an advanced mastery of symbolism.

#3 – Become the expert of your dreams and nightmares.

Equip yourself with unique knowledge to face the universe within you which influences your life every day, through all the symbols presented in dreams.
Quality of training. For you.

Unrivaled experience in dream interpretation.

UCM is the holder of Symbolic Language®, a method for analyzing dreams and interpreting them in a universal and logical way.

Dreams analyzed for over 10 years


Class hours


Seminar hours


Expert teachers in Symbolic Language®


Assistant teachers trained in Symbolic Language®

Finding the right codes within yourself is possible.

[Accessible.| Fascinating.| Connected.]

Followed in many countries and hundreds of students, the DSSI Training is a life-changing experience.

Training accessible to everyone, on a human scale.

This course of study on Symbolic Language is more than just training, it is the possibility of finally finding the codes that give deep meaning to what we experience every day, in a logical and modern way.

fascinating lessons. By experts in Symbolic Language®.

Stock up on knowledge with online courses rich in content and depth, presented by all UCM professors.

An extraordinary community of dreamers.

The DSSI Training is an excellent opportunity to meet great people with similar affinities to yours.

To have.
3 years after their first dream journal, they share their experience.

Thank you wholeheartedly to all the students for their touching testimony during the DSSI graduation ceremony.