Meaning of dreams

Dreams are a reflection of our past, our present, and what we will become in the future.

The symbolic representation of who we are

Dreams are a direct reflection of who we are on both a conscious and unconscious level. It speaks to us symbolically about our multiple facets and inner personalities that we have built over time. However, a majority of our feelings and behaviors come from our unconscious.

The latter is in fact made up of an immense baggage of memories, of memories, accumulated over time, and which are likely to be reactivated at any time.

These memories can be of all kinds: aggression, joy, jealousy, love, poverty, anguish, etc. All kinds of gestures, emotions and thoughts which are part of our being and which sometimes come from far away.

The meeting of our multiple unconscious personalities

We have occasionally developed over time ways of being, feeling, thinking, acting, which constitute so many more or less conscious facets and tendencies of our being.

This is why from time to time behaviors resurface that we do not always recognize as our own.

Our preferences, our temperament, our talents, our fears and even our way of saying “I love you” are determined by our past experiences.


Access to our memories

Day after day, throughout the situations we experience, these memories manifest themselves in the form of moods or states of consciousness which can last a few seconds, a few minutes, a few hours, or even weeks. whole.

Situations trigger states of consciousness from recorded memories.

The reactivation of our past memories

Memory works by instantaneous recall. An object or a person that we see, a scent in the air or music playing on the radio awaken within us a whole network of memories, almost all of which are unconscious.

The small trigger plunges us into states whose magnitude often surprises us, because the emotion is so disproportionate in relation to the external situation we are experiencing.


Our dreams materialize and continually create our realities.

All our dreams come true at one level or another. For example, if we dreamed of a beautiful sunny meadow, we would feel the following day, infused with a beautiful feeling of fullness. But if, on the contrary, we dream of walking in the streets of a poor neighborhood, the next day we would feel poor and sad.

We will experience the state of consciousness symbolized by the dream images. This is how dreams can manifest and materialize in our lives.

So dreams inform us in a coded way of what we thought and did in the past, how what we think and do in the present affects our life today and activates what will happen to us tomorrow, if we do not change our ways of thinking and being.