Why and how to meditate?

When we travel to an unknown country, maps are very useful, even essential. The same is true when we explore our consciousness. Having structure when meditating is also important.

There are of course many ways to meditate. However, here we will develop more specifically meditation based on the recitation of mantras. Several traditions actually recommend the repetition of sacred formulas, called mantras.

At the heart of working with Angels is the Angelic Recitation also called Angelica Mantra .

This practice is very simple. While standing, sitting or lying down, we breathe naturally while continually repeating the Name of an Angel.

We do it for as long as possible, at our own pace, in silence, in a low voice or out loud. 

Mantra on inspiration

This method consists of inhaling deeply through the nose while pronouncing the Name of an Angel internally one or more times. For example, Jeliel , Jeliel , Jeliel , Jeliel…. after which we hold the breath for a few moments, then exhale slowly and gradually through the nose.

When calm is established, we breathe freely – without holding the breath – continuing to internally repeat the Name of the Angel upon inspiration.

Mantra on exhalation

This method consists of inhaling deeply through the nose and pronouncing on the exhalation out loud or low, or internally (in silence), the Name of the Angel. For example, Jeliel , Jeliel , Jeliel , Jeliel… We breathe deeply again and repeat the same process several times.

Continuous, deep breathing mantra

This third method consists of continually repeating the Name of the Angel in silence, inhaling fully and exhaling completely.

Deep breathing can cause slight dizziness in people who are not used to it.

If one feels uncomfortable, slow down the rhythm of breathing or alternate with another method of invocation. It is important to respect your own pace.

Mantra with an intention

This method consists of repeating the Name of the Angel silently or
in a low voice, using one of the three methods described above, inserting a message to the Angel into the invocation.

In this message, we tell Him of our intention to develop a particular quality or faculty, or to rectify or transcend a distortion.

For example: Hariel , purify my soul, guide me towards purity... help me to become pure and integrate Wisdom, Hariel , Hariel... purify me, teach me what I have to understand, Hariel , Hariel …purify my soul, Hariel , Hariel…

Mantra with a question

This method helps us find the answer to a question. We first clearly formulate the question, and then we recite the name of an Angel according to one of the first three methods listed above, including the question and the request to be enlightened and guided towards the answer.

For example: Ange Jeliel , is it right for me to marry this person? Jeliel , Jeliel… help me to feel if she is the right person for my evolution, Jeliel , Jeliel , Jeliel… enlighten me, Jeliel , Jeliel , Jeliel… I want to follow the Divine Will, Jeliel… is it Is it right for me to marry this person? Jeliel , Jeliel…

When making a mantra with a question, it is advisable to recite the same Angel for at least five days or until an answer is obtained.

By focusing on the question in this way, it will trigger dreams and signs that will answer our question.