The most advanced training in DSSI

Therapist Degree DSSI

The Therapist Degree program is given online and over 2 years, divided between L1 and L2 which deepens the fundamental knowledge of the Certificate.

These years are a refinement of Symbolic Language by further introducing the helping relationship and therapeutic ethics.

Note: The DSSI Training is available in French or English.
Duration of 1 year
Dream analysis every week
Already followed by hundreds of students
Live a transformative experience

3 reasons to follow this course

#1 – Give yourself the credibility of an unforgettable course.

For more than 10 years, DSSI Dream Interpretation training has helped thousands of people wishing to deepen their understanding of themselves and life in general.

#2 – For yourself or as a therapist

Whether for your personal well-being, or to complement your profession, this training will give you an advanced mastery of symbolism.

#3 – Become the expert of your dreams and nightmares.

Equip yourself with unique knowledge to face the universe within you which influences your life every day, through all the symbols presented in dreams.