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For adults and young people: discover Symbolic Language with educational videos for adults and practical activities for children (9-13 years) and adolescents (14-18 years)
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2 programs available “Videos” and “Experience”
Pedagogy with Symbolic Language®
They did the DreamerOne Training for themselves or their children.
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Who is DreamerOne Training for?

For you

Do you want to know more about the new generations? Know how to talk to them, how to approach a child or teenager about a particular subject?

DreamerOne Video will give you unique keys and advice in the light of Symbolic Language®.

For the parents

Because being a parent is the most extraordinary and demanding job at the same time, giving the right codes is essential.

With DreamerOne Video, get answers and educational recommendations to better understand your child and the times in which they live.

For your children

It's the end of the day and you see your child coming back from school with "codes" to redo... He asks questions about what he feels, sees and hears at school. What to answer? How can we give an educational and profound dimension to what he experiences?

With DreamerOne Experience, create a wonderful moment of in-depth learning with and for your child through videos and practical work appropriate for their ages.

For teachers

Teaching children is a wonderful privilege, but also requires continual adaptation and advanced pedagogy to create a constructive climate.

Are you looking to complement your knowledge and communicate in more dimensions with your young people? Then DreamerOne Video Training is the right tool for you.